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"Austin help me through one of the hardest times in my life. He protected me from false allegations and helped me get the time with my kids that I deserved. His advice was always very practical and clear. He had no trouble explaining the complicated legalese in a way that allowed me to feel in the loop. I highly recommend him!"

  •  S. P.

"Austin has assisted me with two court proceedings and has exceeded my expectations both times! He is very knowledgeable and reasonably priced! He is very good at keeping you informed and maintaining communication so you aren’t left in the dark or felt like you’re case is forgotten. I will remain a client of his until I no longer have to deal with my ex."

  • J. G.

"Anyone who has been through a custody dispute can tell you the sheer terror that comes along with it.   Between knowing your child’s wellbeing is at risk and the potential of a satisfactory resolution being nowhere in sight you are left feeling hopeless.

When Austin White came into the picture, there was suddenly a light at the end of our tunnel. Though he recently went into business for himself he had already created a culture that promotes client driven outcomes, while maintaining both integrity and humanness. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and competent attorney. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking professional representation."

  • J. H.

"A competent and compassionate lawyer. Mr white assisted in my divorce case four years ago while under the mentor-ship of Mr David White. His background in finance was very helpful to my case. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Then a few weeks ago, I had an issue regarding my divorce. I contacted Mr White, and inspite of the long lapse of time, he resolved it for me within the hour… Mr White is truly very skilled, ( and I have dwelt with quite a few experienced lawyers in my lifetime ). I would highly recommend Mr White to anyone who needs a competent and compassionate lawyer, especially if you have an ex-spouse who is a 'win-at-all-cost' type."

  • A. T.

"Austin is amazing!! ... He answered all my questions and helped me understand the process. Would definitely recommend him!"

  • K. L.

"These guys fought for me when I needed it most. I couldn't have received better help."

  • G. M.

"Austin did such a great job for me the first time that I hired him again several years later when I was getting a rather complicated divorce… I was very happy … I won’t call anyone else if I am ever in need of a lawyer."

  • D. H.

"They helped me to navigate a truly trying time in my life and gave more in use value than I could ever repay them in cash value. I am so happy and grateful to have been made aware of them and fortunate to retain them because my life is truly the better because of their heart, knowledge, and commitment to me as their client.

Whenever I hear of someone in need of what they do, you can be certain I am not only providing their names and contact information, but also a testimony speaking to their excellence. Retain them! You will thank me for it."

  • M. F.

"I would recommend Austin to anyone who has to go through the difficult and painful process of a divorce. They are thoughtful and caring and always put their client first. They will not hesitate to let you know just where you stand in the process, what exactly you need to do (and what not to do) and are completely fair and honest with you. When it came to my case I was confident that they always had my back."

  • C. S.

"Very helpful. Very informative. Straight to the point and honest."

  • P. E.